Welcome to Detox Central!

Detox Central is your headquarters for information on how to rid your body of toxins, symptoms and disease.

Today, more than ever, the world is full of toxins that are just waiting to invade our bodies and make us feel bloated, tired or just downright sick. You’ve probably come here to learn how to remove those toxins from your body and begin to feel fresh and alive again. I’m not going to disappoint you!

The Basics

Let’s begin with the basics. Want to find out why your body feels run-down and tired all the time? Learn what’s hiding in your colon? Or do you need to shed a few pounds?

What is Detox? At Detox Central, you’ll learn how to gently escort the toxins from your body and help your body to heal and repair those damaged cells. Try one of our detox diets, check out some of our healthy detox diet recipes, or read about methods to detox your body by external methods like:

  • saunas
  • ionic foot baths
  • mud wraps
  • foot patches
  • massage

Here you’ll learn what is healthy, and what products to stay away from. For example, did you know that most deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum? And did you know that aluminum placed on a daily basis that close to your breasts might very well be a contributing factor in the formation of breast cancer? You’ll also find out the best natural, safe alternatives to those products you’ve become used to using.

From your very first attempt at detox, you’ll begin to notice subtle changes in the way you feel. Keep working at it. Change a few of the foods you eat, drink plenty of clean, pure water, and watch out for that pesky MSG in your diet. Before you know it, you’ll be on the way to that happier, healthier you that you’ve been wanting to become.

Changes Begin

Your family and friends will begin to notice the changes in you, and soon they’ll want to know what’s happened to make you look and feel so different. Your children, or grandchildren, will delight in the new, happier and healthier you that you’ve become. You’ll want to spend more time enjoying life and less time feeling miserable.

You might find yourself having fewer, or even no allergies. You could see a reduction or elimation of the pain of arthritis. And you might have lower blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol. Detox is important for many reasons, and these are only a few of the wonderful benefits of cleaning up your body with simple diet and activity changes.

As I’ll explain in various pages on this site, there is no absolute way to eliminate symptoms. You simply have to try various methods and one day you’ll notice an improvement in some problem you had been dealing with. This is a result of your efforts beginning to take effect.

Hering's Law of Cure

There is a “law” regarding healing, called Hering's Law of Cure. Hering’s Law of Cure basically states that a person will heal in the opposite order in which he became sick. Whatever symptoms you saw in the past, that have progressed further to other symptoms, will return in the reverse order as you heal.

For this reason, you can’t expect a detox method to work the same way on you as it might on someone else. Everyone is different. Everyone is an individual with individual illnesses and needs.

What you need to know is that if you work to improve the health of your entire being, you will eventually find the symptoms that have plagued you will reduce or disappear.