The Wild Rose Cleanse

The Wild Rose Cleanse, or Wild Rose Detox, is a detox solution often used in Canada, but not so often in the United States. The program consists of some herbal supplements to help your system to detox, in addition to a diet program that should be adhered to for optimum results.

In just 12 days you can feel lighter, refreshed and more active due to the cleansing process.

Your body builds up a surplus of acid, and acid foods create an acid body.

Most holistic practitioners, and other health advocates will tell you that the more acid your body is, the more likely you are to get diseases. An acid condition in your body can be the preliminary to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer, to name a few.

The best way to keep the body in an alkaline state is to eat alkaline or neutral foods. This is the basis of the Wild Rose Cleanse. The supplemental herbs are an added method of cleansing the cells of toxic buildup and helping you to eliminate all that acidic buildup in your body.

Symptoms of Detox

During the Wild Rose Cleanse, some people experience mild nausea, rashes, headaches or other indications of detox. This is what is known as a healing crisis. These symptoms can be uncomfortable, but they are a part of the cleansing process.

If you do have some of these symptoms during your Wild Rose Detox, it’s important to understand that they are a harmless indication that your body is detoxing. Usually, after the fourth or fifth day of the detox, the symptoms will disappear.

Supplements to Take While Cleansing

The supplements include taking 12 pills a day, and some drops.

The drops are best taken in water or juice because the taste is a little difficult by itself. Not a problem, for your body you can do this without difficulty.

You can find the products online without much searching. The cost is approximately $30.00. This is minimal when you consider the effect of cleansing and how good you will feel afterwards.

After the Cleanse

This is a wonderful time to proceed into other detox programs such as a liver cleanse, candida cleanse or sugar detox. It is also good to continue with a healthy eating program after the detox to continue giving your body healthy foods to build new cells with.

By avoiding acid foods in the future, you will make it easier for your body to remain in an alkaline state and prevent many diseases from ever starting.

At the very least, choose one or two of the acid foods that you can eliminate from your diet. Even if you can’t remove all the offenders from your daily diet, you can most likely change one thing. That one change, over time will make your body remain healthier than it was in the past.

So far, I have eliminated coffee, processed cereal, fruit juices with added sugars, most dairy products and sodas from my diet. I’m far from eating the ideal diet, but I’m making my changes a little at a time.

How to Cleanse

To do the wild rose detox, you need to follow the diet plan by not eating all the junk foods normally included in your diet.

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Just for 12 days you should avoid meats (except fish), all flours made from grain, sugars, dairy products, fermented items such as soy sauce and wine, and alcohol.

Although you can eat fish, do not eat shellfish while on this cleanse. Also avoid peanuts, mushrooms and grapes. Coffee is on the acceptable list (although I personally don’t recommend it), however you can’t have cream or sugar with it.

This may seem like a hard diet to follow, but there are many delicious alternatives you can still eat. Raw and cooked vegetables, fish (except no shellfish), fruits (no tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes, pineapple, etc.), some nuts (those lower in fat content like almonds).

There is a wonderful table to show you the foods you should eat and those you should avoid at this site.

Good luck on your Wild Rose Cleanse!

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